Homeschooling Resources

Here are some of the resources I have utilized on my homeschooling journey thus far.

My favorite resource is the library. Before COVID we visited the library almost weekly. There is a wealth of information and resources at the library. Most of the books I assigned her were checked out from the library. Here are some of the books she has read thus far. Emphasis on ( SOME).

Coolnerds is a homeschool operation run by former teacher Rachel Jones. She has a wealth of information and insight into homeschooling.   I  also recommend her e-book; which is available on the website.

Home Life Academy is a cover school that supports homeschooling parents. It makes it easier to stay in regulation with the state mandated homeschooling requirements. – Memphis-area Home Education Association is a membership based, Christian organization dedicated to serving home educators and students by providing support , encouragement and activities.

Curriculum    – Writing and Literature curriculum that involves minimal parental oversight.

Essentials In Writing is an extremely parent friendly curriculum. Meaning not much work for the parent to do and the lessons are broken up into small chunks.

Boyce Watkins: Black Millionaires of Tomorrow financial literacy studies

We are not using this one yet, but I have already purchased it and plan to incorporate it soon.

Jackie Brewton hosts webinars about relationship and decision making for teenage girls. Since she talks about sex and abstinence, I file this under the subject health and wellness.

Teachers Pay Teachers is one of my favorite websites. You can find resources on their from all subjects created by teachers.   : The Cordova Tutorial – We have used this organization for organized math, science and computer classes  : Horizon Homeschooling ( formerly Community Homeschooling) We have used this organization for math and study skills classes    Mr. D’s Math.   We used this for structured math work in the summer.  She is currently (summer 2020) enrolled in the 6 week Geometry readiness class.

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