I am not an “ANTI-VAXXER”. I just don’t want the COVID vaccine.

Consult your physician. 

That medical disclaimer is almost always given when reputable individuals, companies and organizations provide generic health advice. 

Before beginning an exercise regimen – consult your physician. 

Before dieting and trying a weight loss product- consult your physician. 

Before taking this medication- consult your physician. 

Except when it comes to  COVID vaccinations. When it comes to  COVID vaccinations, the public is being urged  to consult with the CDC, politicians and celebrities. 

I have read newspaper columns from writers with no medical backgrounds, shame people who are choosing not to be vaccinated. I’m a woman, what ever happened to “my body – my choice?”  Or is that only applicable in the circumstance of abortion? 

I am glad that vaccinations are available for those who desire to be vaccinated. I want everyone that wants the vaccine to be able to get one.  But I am tired of sane, law-abiding adults that are making the decision not to be vaccinated being painted as “anti-vaxers.” 

I am not against the vaccine. My husband is fully vaccinated as well as some of my other family members and friends. I respect their decision and they respect mine. 

In this country, where the government is so concerned with my health, I am free to make the choice to purchase and consume tobacco products — and we know smoking kills. 

Remember in 2013 when New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg attempted to pass legislation to simply limit  the consumption of “sugary beverages”  in an effort to encourage consumers to make healthier choices when eating out ?  It was a part of his effort to reduce obesity. Well, it was struck down. 

Now more than ever, America is a country of choice. The efforts to persuade and coerce citizens into taking the vaccine just do not sit well with me —and millions of others who are making the conscious choice to sit this one out.

You can keep your gift cards and  sweepstakes.  I am thankful to have all my faculties and the ability to assess the information presented ( with regards to the pandemic)  and make my own choices regarding my health care.  

Still, I consulted with my doctor.  She supports my choice. 

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