Homeschooling a High Schooler : What our Tenth Grade Year Looks Like

Tenth grade is off to a great start. My daughter has a manageable schedule. This post will share with you how we cover these subjects outside of a traditional school setting.

This is the formal education plan/schedule I submitted to Home Life Academy of subjects we will cover this year.


We read scriptures. She maintains a prayer journal. She has a Bible for teen girls that has a lot of life applications and is more digestible for a teenager. Actually, I enjoy reading her Bible too. She also has several devotionals that we cover. We devote at least thirty minutes per day to this subject.

Geometry and Chemistry

She takes these classes at Cordova Tutorial.  She attends classes on Wednesdays with other students that are homeschooled. The teacher provides work for each day of the week. She also has private tutoring for six hours per week to reinforce these subjects.

Personal Finance

We chose the Dave Ramsey curriculum Foundations in Personal Finance, which I absolutely recommend.  I purchased the online program and it is well put together.  It’s very interesting and I sometimes go through the lessons with her. I am very impressed and pleased with some of the conversations she has initiated with me as a result.   For example, she was not at all enthused when I had her log on initially. However, after her first class she came to me asking if I had any debt. I told her yes.  She looked at me and said “Not me, I’m going to be debt free.”   That was just lesson one.  Money well spent in my books.

U. S History

Every morning she watches the YouTube study lesson for the Naturalization Test.  The naturalization test is what immigrants must pass to obtain U.S citizenship.  It covers civics, governments and history.  There are 100 questions.  Candidates for citizenship are given ten questions out of the hundred and must get at least 6 questions right to pass.  I am requiring my student to know the answers to all one hundred questions.   She normally watches this in the morning, as she cleans her room and starts her day. I can hear her answering the questions.  This is her only U.S History assignment right now.  I will add something else in October. I challenge you to watch it and see how many you are able to get correct.

Physical Education

We still have our Planet Fitness membership.

Home Economics

This subject was added unexpectedly; but I saw an opportunity that I could not pass up.  We live near my great aunt. One day, Ayanna needed something sewn. She asked me if I could do it. I’m ashamed to admit, while I may be able to sew a little (even that may be exaggerated); we did not have a basic kit at home.  I suggested she walk to my aunt’s house that I was certain could assist her.   As I expected, she did help her stitch up her item.  So I asked my aunt would she be willing to teach Ayanna how to sew. She readily agreed. Now every Tuesday, they spend an hour together.   My great aunt even made a written lesson. She went over the needed supplies like thump –something I’m not familiar with at all. Truthfully, I should be in this class too.  This is one of the wonders of homeschooling.  It recognizes life as the classroom and with my great aunt; she couldn’t have a better instructor.

She wants her to teach her how to cook. Yes, I need to be in that class too.

My great Aunt Grace teaching Ayanna how to sew. They practiced stitching on a pillow case.

Drivers Education

Her textbook for this course is the Tennessee Drivers Education manual; which is available at the library and the Driver Services Centers.

She also takes online practice tests. She is studying the get her learners permit. I told her she will have to have her learner’s permit in order to move on to road lessons.

Her motivation varies from week to week. I encourage her to at least spend two hours each week taking the practice test. That’s only 30 minutes each day. I personally went over the section with her regarding driving under the influence. We watch interesting YouTube videos about the subject.

All in all, I’m very pleased with the way the year is starting. This is our third year and it’s been smooth sailing thus far.

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