Why Drew Brees Doesn’t Owe Me An Apology

The internet is inundated with cyber bullies. I really wish Drew Brees did not apologize for the comments he made regarding his feelings toward the American Flag. 

He said , “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country.”

I am growing increasingly concerned with people being “railroaded” for having a different opinion from whatever may be the accepted narrative at a particular time.  He was asked his opinion and he provided it. Facing backlash and criticism,  he rescinded his comments and apologized for them.  Social media timelines were filled with people saying they would no longer cheer for the New Orleans Saints all the way to popular sports personalities suggesting he retire.

His feelings overshadowed his recent action of contributing five million dollars towards food relief in Louisiana.

So let me get this right , the man can’t play football anymore because he thinks it’s important to stand for the flag? 

He said he didn’t agree with it. He doesn’t have to. I don’t agree with his comments and I don’t have to. But he is entitled to feel the way that he wants.

It is hard for open and crucial conversations to take place when people are having their reputation, relationships  and livelihoods threatened just for having a dissenting opinion. He did not break any laws. He did not mistreat anyone. He has maintained a stellar reputation in his community and nationwide and as far I am concerned—his reputation is still intact.

If you want to try to get someone to see things your way, it may be more effective if done with respect and kindness. Don’t try to coerce  someone into sharing your views. Please remember that these are feelings and opinions we are talking about when we reference the Flag.

I have already decided for myself that if Donald Trump is reelected president in November, I will no longer stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. I will not take a poll to see who agrees with it. I don’t care. It is the method that I have chosen to personally cope with my displeasure regarding  our current political climate. Ironically, it is also my right as an American citizen.  I do not have to stand. Drew Brees can think it is disrespectful  nor does he have to apologize for what he thinks. He can stand. I can sit.  And you know what —–   contrary to  public opinion—–we can coexist. – EM

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